21 Moments. Course to improve communications & connections

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taught by Georgina Jones

Course description

Do you want to give someone the 21 moments course as a gift? Maybe they need a boost of confidence or perhaps it will help them deal with the stresses and strains of every day life.

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Our 21 Moments course gives people tools, inspiration and support to learn how to live in the moment, make connections and communications deeper whilst making the world a nicer place to be.

The course is split into bight-sized videos that fit around your life. Each day we give you a challenge which will make positive habit -forming changes. We will cover subjects such as 'breathing', 'ego', self care and self talk.

The course is fun, interactive and will shake things up! Looking forward to Turn Lights on!

Georgina Jones
Georgina Jones
Founder of Turn Lights On

Georgina Jones is the founder of Turn Lights On, a movement which helps you to take stock, slow down, connect with people and appreciate the hell out of life! Georgina has spoken around the world about connection, including a well received TEDx talk and has written a 5* rated self-help book.


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